hyperbloge /haɪˈpɜrbləgi/ n. A constant added to any mundane incident to give it optimal drama to blog about.

Usage: Why don’t you blog about your conversation with the pharmacist? A little hyperbloge and you should be good.

Root: hyperbole

9 responses to “Hyperbloge

  1. Just stumbled here…and this sure is a hyperblog!

    Glad you did! If that isn’t something one could be allergic to – thanks! :) -g

  2. ah! madraskaapi beat me to it. for me it is an ever increasing variable. masala is our desi word for it.

    Wow, add some masala to how you always add masala to everything, and you have a new post right there! ;) Thanks for stopping by, Maddy! -g

  3. my take is – “A ‘variable’ added to any mundane…”. can it be a constant ? ;-)

    The incident is the variable. Needs a constant for the “right” degree of drama. If the take is ‘a variable…’, then all your experiences must be more or less constant (aka ‘get a life’) to get the same degree of drama. Works as long as the constant:variable relation is constant (and not a constant) ;) -g

  4. Is there any other way to blog? ;)

    You tell me! -g

  5. I add hyperbloge to everything -> my blog, facebook, twitter even the food that I cook. I even add hyperbloge to hyperbloge. I guess I added too much hyperbloge to this comment :)

    But then it won’t be a hyperbloge anymore, will it? I like tea. But I put coffee in my tea instead of tea. That’s the only way I can drink tea :D I vouch for the hyperbloge on your blog and comments, though :) -g

  6. High five! Just found out you blog. My nose is glued to the monitor from now on….

    Thanks, Naren! *Hi-5 back* Glued to the monitor…so you could quickly grab some pakodas when nobody’s looking? :P You’ve run 6k now, you can officially have them! -g

  7. neologisms are fun..but the real question is why don’t you blog about your conversation with the pharmacist? :)

    It is, isn’t it? The real question, I mean :-| Conversation pieces are fun. Even more so when they’re placed in a conversation ;) -g

  8. I just posted a tag with fairly heavy dose of hyperbloge. Be ready for the deluge :)

    *ouch* What made you do that?! One of us is delugioned, for sure. The other must be delugional ;) Thanks a bunch, woman! Will stop by :) -g

  9. You are going one up on Kevin (Bancheese), aren’t you? What is the ‘constant’ you mention?

    Miles before I even get near his league, doc! But I’m tickled that you even compare :D By constant I meant this. -g

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