Present Tense

present tense /prěz’ənt tɛns/ adj. Anxious about whether the gift you plan to give your sweetheart would be appreciated enough.

Usage: Crap. It’s that You-don’t-love-me-enough Day again. Always makes me present tense; I must love her at least $100 more this year.

Root: present tense

I put this up on Twitter the other day, and Naren came up with a very nice rejoinder. I’ve added Usage, Root and the IPA pronunciation:

gift rapping /gɪft ræpɪŋ/ n. Delivering a sharp blow with the knuckles to one’s beloved’s head for a pathetic present.

Usage: Crap, it’s the usual cheap fake diamond ring again. Honey, could you come here when you have a minute? There’s some gift rapping to do and I’d like you to be present.

Root: gift wrapping

19 responses to “Present Tense

  1. Pre Sentense – What the Jury asks a convict before handing him the ‘sentence’. “Would you like a present, perhaps?”

    GIF Trapping – The animated method of creating GIF files. Simple.

    :D Good ones! I hope the convict has the good sense to ask for his future instead ;) -g

  2. Nikhil:
    Uh-huh, didn’t you ask me the same question one day? Then I asked you if you had heard of ee cummings.

    A propos conversation on another thread, this is what happens with non-attribution. :-/

    Hahaha! So much for a demo. Saar, you are wanting to say something? :D -g

  3. Present Tense: Restless that the gift you received might not be given out of genuine affection, viz., that it might be, as it were, sent in pretense.

    Neat! :) -g

  4. hahaha…I believe I’ve been a gift rap-er (“not rape-er”) a few times…poor dumma :) but I’m thinking that present-tense works for anyone…not just your sweetheart, no? More like a state of worry if the person you give the present to, likes it or not…that is why I always include a gift receipt and make sure I mention to them…pls feel free to exchange it :)

    For me it’s zimble – those who make me tense don’t get a present :P You know, at times I’m tempted to gift just the receipt to someone, only to see their face :D And then add a gift “in case they didn’t like” the receipt ;) So glad you stopped by, Yo :) -g

  5. Knock knock.

    “What is it? We don’t want any soaps or agarbattis.” :-D
    I know, I know. Got pulled into a bunch of things. Thanks for the prod, girl :) All awake now – there will be something in the next couple days for sure. -g

  6. Well…Crap, I am wordless, now :)

    Apparently not :) -g

  7. present tense: Anxious about whether the hand you stretch to give your friend would be held or not.

    That should work too – past imperfect notwithstanding :) -g

  8. I love it when sentences start with crap!

    Nice post!

    Crap, you’re one of those people, are you! ;) Thanks AD :) -g

  9. innovative !
    does the current market conditions justify shifting down the present present price ?
    btw, i am a base writer. you are pulling legs of base writers, to save yourself. eh! ;-)

    Thank you :)
    Mmm…presently, it depends on how you present the present present price. Maybe current could tell? ;)
    Wouldn’t pull base writers’ legs had they had their bases covered :-| I could’ve sworn you were the Kaapi writer, though! No? -g

  10. More like gift ripping. *mad*

    lol. Better the gift than your own hair, what? ;) -g

  11. ah!! i get tense when i have to present something…

    lol! good one, maddy! -g

  12. Valentines day blues?

    With Muthalik & co. in the picture it should be V-day pinks. No? -g

  13. So if a person is always tensed, you would call him/her as “Present Continuous tense”d? He he :) LOLed!

    lol :) We could all do with Future Perfect though, what say? -g

  14. ..P.S: Thats the question I get whenever I buy a gift… (I added the “crap” part myself…artistic license)

    If that’s the case I’m sure you work your charm with a “You’re worth every penny, sweetheart!” :D -g

  15. …and what do you classify this as??
    “How much did you pay for THIS crap?”

    I classify them both as loaded questions, Vijay :) -g

  16. Gift rapping. I could have done some of that yesterday!

    :D Go easy on the poor thing, willya! Welcome here :) -g

  17. g,
    My gtalk status was future *tense* sometime back.
    Nice ones here.
    PS: Why do you live in the lower case world,g? ;) Inspired from ?

    Thanks, NikhiI! don’t mind some future tense myself. Future hundredse would be even better :P -g
    PS: Lower case world: I like the view – gives me a high ;) But seriously, if I’m in the lower case world, what would you call one who writes entire posts in lower case? A base writer? Gone case?

  18. If the issue is a gift crap, the solution is a gift rap. Is that the moral of the story? Is this, in your opinion, a gender-specific phenomenon?
    Incidentally, as a surgeon, I look for tension-free re-pairs (a form of hernia operation)! ;-)

    lol@gift crap => gift rap. I refuse to answer the other question till I’ve spoken to my lawyer. -g

  19. Very appropriate post for Valentine’s day.

    Eh? What day is that? :-| -g

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