March Past

march-past /mɑrtʃˌpæst, -pɑst/ n. A wake-up call to stalling tax-filers that April is almost here.

Usage: The amateur procrastinator files his taxes at March-past. The seasoned one still has the luxury of a couple weeks before parading to the post office.

Root: march-past

22 responses to “March Past

  1. no need to get fiscal.

    Nope, none whatsoever. And it can be ficsed :) Welcome here :) -g

  2. sonyabalasubramanyam

    march has past and now it’s time for you to work that magic again.
    post! post! post!

    Hehe, good one, Sone! Posted. Your hukm, sar aankhon par ;) -g

  3. Once you 1040 you can never go back. Unlike India, the US requires all citizens to file taxes no matter where you stay in the world.

    You could be floating around in a boat on the Atlantic all year, but you’d still need to come ashore to login to turbo tax before April 15th.

    So I’ve been told. Those Alphonsos make it worth all the pain though, don’t you agree? :) -g

  4. Chirag Chamoli

    I started feeling March Past :) since January.

    That’s much better than the other way round, isn’t it? :) -g

  5. The T word??????
    *runs screaming away and has hysterics*

    Hehe. Now I know the real significance of T-Rex! -g

  6. BTW what is 42? Will the mystery be ever solved? Any clues?

    You mean other than “just another random number”? :) Check the link on my About (Re) page :) -g

  7. The PROcrastinator uses good ole tax consultants. ;)

    Are all those fees he pays them tax-deductible? :O -g

  8. Well, I am a ‘pro’crastinator – I file extension every year.

    See, I know someone like that myself. Why are you guys so ‘pro’ crastinating? You got some (t)ax to grind? :P Glad you stopped by :) -g

  9. A few shots of BoTax for your wrinkles. And a little bit of March-Masala in your love life.
    At 42, what else do you need? :D

    ROFL!! Don’t believe a 42, even when you see it in bold and caps – there’s always a decade or two more to it than meets the eye ;) And by then you’re ‘Past’ any BoTax, deTax, Tummy-Tax and why, even the chance of anyone waiting for you with raid-roses in a Tax-i. So much for the point of ‘no returns’.
    Good one, Prof.! ;) -g

  10. well, my march past was certainly taxing…
    but if you want one slightly less taxing (to your mind i.e.) , take a look at this

    Hehe. Thanks for that link. Never out of resources, are you? :) -g

  11. I have done the March past, when I was on the verge of becoming the April fool.

    LOL!! :) -g

  12. Tax calculations?
    Crap maths!
    (anag. intended)

    Must say you’re a ‘Smart chap’! ;)
    (Very much intended) -g

  13. Nice one!

    Thanks AD! -g

  14. He he … All these new words and phrases are taxing my already puny Vocabulary! Nice one!

    Thanks, Dinesh :) -g

  15. February surely March in with atax as the best defense, but April May be good for assessing postatax after-math. Sorry for any synTax error .

    What kind of after-math? Heart-atTax? -g

  16. Guess we all to have to march past..the employees I mean..for business men..time to throw dust in IT deptt. eyes :P

    Lol. The IT dept. doesn’t care. What they don’t collect in the march past, they make up in per-raid :P -g

  17. Well, my comment just seemed so *puny* in comparison :P

    Haha, there you go again! Au contraire :) -g

  18. Gosh! After all these great comments, I dare not leave anything other than ‘great going, guys!!’

    Lol, that’s a clever one in itself, Missy! Don’t listen to these punny people – nice of you to still leave one; it does mean so much! :) -g

  19. What a jeJune post, if I May say so. I, of course, did not recognise the August trio of commentators, and I July send them my greetings. But even if they don’t read this, you could, like many of the old girlfriends, always tell me, “Jan U wary too much!”

    Haha. Touché, doc! That was Feb-ulous :) -g

  20. hee…hee…

    Looks who’s here!! :)) -g

  21. ha ha .. Good one !!!

    Gracias :D -g

  22. sigh.. we live in a taxonomy !! ;)

    Absolutely. And by the end of it, many of us end up skinned at the mercy of tax-idermists :O -g

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