W-T-F Q Person Are You?

First there was the Farcebook hype. Then there was Farcebook, which plateaued after the initial high of having rediscovered kindergarten classmates and high-school crushes. After that came an attempt to rekindle the FB charm with an insane influx of quizzes. Ask any random question – chances are it’s likely to be a Farcebook quiz.

Farcebook certainly has been imaginative in creating random quizzes to guess your personality.  Where they lack imagination, however, is to tell you your personality based on the kind of quiz you take. For now, let’s pretend you have answered subtle questions like What is your favorite color?, and multiple-choice ones like Do you prefer to travel or watch a soap?. It’s not your answers, but the quiz you took that reveals the person that you are. At least according to the “What Type of Farcebook Quiz Person Are You? Quiz.

1. LIVID (Likes Ideal Vacations to Imaginary Destinations)

Adventurous, Exotic and Itinerant may well be your favorite words in the dictionary. Your favorite pastime happens to be browsing the dictionary. You love traveling the world, but only through the Face of Books – and you completely trust their decision on where you want to travel, since they know you better than you know yourself. The less enlightened may call you a loser, miser, or a couch potato. But that simply isn’t you. You are a content, frugal settee-spud stud. You love the idea of ogling basking on the warm Caribbean Beaches one minute, and experiencing the freezing beautiful snow-capped Bavarian Alps the next. Adventure means a lot to you. In other words, you will take a game of  Atlantis over Tetris, anyday.

#Your favorite quiz is What Is Your Ideal Vacation Destination?

2. PLOP (The Previous Life Opportunity Ponderer)

You are charmed by the arcane. You delve into the depths of your past life and ponder over opportunities lost. If you were still the Shakespeare that FB said you used to be, all your blog posts would have been books by now. Or, the jokes your friends do not laugh at would have been “Kafkaesque,” instead of just plain flat. You could have been Liszt or Chopin in your previous life, not because of your musical genius, but the sheer number of women at your fingertips today. You like to question, and you even question science with your psycho psychic noitingocerp*. Who you are today, or what you can do with your future isn’t very important. We’re all going to be dead at the end of it. But what you really look forward to is the futuristic future – the next life, where you can take a quiz and find out what you were in your previous life.

#Your favorite quiz is Who Were You In Your Past Life?

3. SCAGS (Side-kick Character in A Giggly Soap)

You are compassionate. You always identify with the unnoticed, giggling best friends of central characters in soaps. In fact, that is the very reason you would rather do justice to this obscure lame quiz (as opposed to a mainstream lame one) like What Beer Are You?, or Are you an Alfa Romeo or a Ferrari?. Given the opportunity, you will never choose to be Seinfeld in Seinfeld, nor Fraiser in Fraiser, or Raymond in Everybody loves Raymond. You identify with the fake fanciful people on screen rather than the wicked ones in the harsh world. Your personality alone is too monotonous for you. You want to give it character (no pun intended) and adorn it with numerous peripheral personas.

#Your favorite quiz is Which [N.A.M.E.O.F.S.O.A.P.] Character Are You?

4. MMCP (The Mean Machine Car Personality)

Let’s Face it. Cars often have more personality than people. Has a Corvette ever given you a dense, lost smile any time? Never. It has always looked back at you with attitude. You like to see yourself as the mean machine. Flashy. Full of gloss. Smokin’. Raving Revving. Why, with fiber like that, you could even fly! Alas, those four conspicuous tires – add to that balding with time – is what keeps you rooted to the ground.

#Your favorite quiz is What Car Are You?

5. PWNER (Paranoid of the Wicked, Nasty, Exploitive Repercussions)

You are the paradox of all Farcebook quiz personalities. If you ever took a Farcebook quiz, it would tell you you are a person who will never take Farcebook quizzes. You are paranoid about the repercussions that might entail. What if Farcebook makes it look like some “fun quiz” but is actually profiling me? What if it sells my data to some third party? If I suddenly find some brochures to exotic getaways in my mailbox, would it be because of that harmless quiz I took? What if it picks some vague answers I give just for kicks, and labels them as my personality flaws traits? And what if they sell these traits to some insurance company who will then hike my premium and co-pay? What if….?

Perhaps this is how you think. Or perhaps you have a spouse, who may or may not be reading this, thinks like this and has got you thinking on similar lines as well. You will most likely not take a quiz on Farcebook. Instead, you will turn to your whining personal web-space and blog about it.

# If you had a favorite Farcebook Quiz, it would be Why would people want to take those Farcebook Quizzes and volunteer their privacy?


*If seeing far in the future is precognition, seeing far in the past must be noitingocerp.

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43 responses to “W-T-F Q Person Are You?

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  2. I know of a girl who reported her colleague for exual harassment to HR for biting and poking her and throwing sheep at her. HR got worried and flew in a leading lawyer only to discover that this was only happening on “Farcebook”!

    Now, how easy is it to buy a sheep is not something HR wondered about before panicking!

    • ROFL. What’s disconcerting is why there are no virtual courts or cops on Farcebook yet to “throw a handcuff at” these miscreants and put them in the virtual prison -g

  3. Wonderful post (though I am terribly late in dropping by)! I could totally relate to it. Reminds me of your hyperblogue definition, and perhaps even these facebook quizzes sort of fall into that genre. :)
    I’d written one on this issue too.

  4. I wish FB would rewind back to when it was just the basics. The FB wall, photos…and that was about it. But then it escalated to all these other apps – – which just makes the site messy/annoying/and makes me wish they had a setting that would automatically ignore all these Quiz requests you receive in your inbox.

    That said, I enjoy my FB account because I keep it at the bare minimal. I can’t think of any other quick & easy way to stay in touch with friends scattered all over the globe. Anyway, as far as this quiz goes – I’ve never done a single quiz on FB yet. I feel like the labels are too restricting, cause last I checked most people fall under all of the above. It’s just the percentage of how much of each that varies. :)

    • //I wish FB would rewind back to when it was just the basics.//

      I wish that of so many things – my school, my city back home, heck even life. Yes, at first I was really excited to see people from KG, but then there’s only so much you can interact beyond calling each others’ kids cute and wishing each other a happy birthday! Thanks for dropping in, Archana! -g

  5. I forgot to say thanks for making us your favorite tweeters, mr. N. And for unlimited offer, but remember you can’t fool me ;)

    Ms. g, sorry for taking your comment space. Thanks for being nice and letting me use it.

    • You – and anyone for that matter – are welcome to use my comment space as long as it’s pertinent to the post. As for theories from mid-air, a personal blog would be a nice place for the kind of imagination. Let us know when you start one, if you haven’t already. You’ve already been offered a good package; if I were you, I’d take it ;) See you after the next post – unless you have nothing to say about the post itself :) -g

  6. can't fool me

    You’ll be surprised how much more lurkers observe than you tweeters. Before you ask what I observe, don’t misunderstand. I noticed you and neo-indian have very good “twemistry”. You share a similar wit and soh, if your skills and wordplay can be combined with his insight, your writing can rock the blogworld. But what do I know! Your choice to regret or thank me 10 years later :# Lurkers insight too, you know ;)

    • can't fool me

      Typo. Lurkers _have_ insight. Thanks.

      • So you’re basically saying I lack insight :-| Oh alright, I think you mean well, so thank you. Unless you derive pleasure out of seeing me murdered at the hands of neo’s fan(s) ;). On another note, neo insists you’re a girl. Nothing, just trivia :) -g

      • @”can’t fool me”

        Of course you don’t realize it yet, but a blogger has been born.

        If you ever need a free domain name, unlimited bandwidth (believe me you’ll need it), unlimited diskspace and a few thousand readers, let me know.


        PS: Bloggers lurk more than you’ll ever know. Actually you’ll know soon enough.

      • You’re taking it personally. Your tweets had good chemistry, that is how all good writing partners are born, that’s all. You don’t tweet much now anyway, so you’re either more personal friends or drifted strangers. I’ll know soon. Also, with the way you guess, maybe I was wrong abt your insight – or maybe I _was_ right and you’re being too smart ;)

  7. That reply to Rofl Indian itself is creative. I know where creativity took vacation – click on my link. Lady, I’ve been reading your #budgetbond and other tweets. If you can come up with Soldfinger and 0.07 and Thunderbail and “Outsourced to Asia with a Shove”, you can definitely write a post. Don’t try to give us the creativity BS! Unless er, you have ‘other’ priorities taking up your time ;)
    And nope, before you ask or try to guess, I don’t have a twitter handle, I’m just a lurker.

    Waiting for that post.

    That’s nice of you; thank you! That smiley notwithstanding, I do in fact have “‘other'” priorities taking up my time – but since I’ve always had those, it wouldn’t be fair to suddenly use them as an excuse to not write :) And finally, wouldn’t you rather waste time being on Twitter than just lurking there? :) -g

  8. Is this noitingocerp? One month is, like, enough ‘far in the past’.
    What about a new post? :)

    LOL. Creativity asked for a vacation – didn’t have the heart to say no :) Thanks for checking, RI…will post soon :) -g

  9. Gauri, hello hello!
    I LOL’ed. a lot!
    I’m very clearly a PWNER. I not only not take any tests but I also ‘block this application’ in my status feed. So once I see someone taking a test and I block it, I am spared of all my other friends taking the same test. Comprehensive.
    cheers, Priyank

    Hey Priyank :) Glad you made a ‘stop-over’! I should remember not to spam you with quiz requests if I ever become my nonsensical self on FB :-| Well, I’m happy you enjoyed the read :) -g

  10. ROFL hilarious stuff! It’s a lot more funnier after I took some of these quizzes on face book, I was totally thinking of this post J Nice parody! J

    Thanks, Sid! :) -g

  11. I have not taken a quiz on FB.
    But, honestly, (I would like to believe) I am not a ‘PWNER’!

    That’s the nice thing about liking to believe – it always works! ;) Thanks for stopping by, Salil :) -g

  12. ROFL
    I often wondered about these quizzes and time people can spare on them …

    …not to mention the entertainment they provide ;) Welcome here, Sakhi! -g

  13. Waiting for the next one. You post far too infrequently, girl, please update! Or are you too busy with practices? When’s the show? Wish we could attend and hear you play. Good luck, tell us how it goes.

    No point in posting when there isn’t much to say, is there? :) And thanks; I’ll keep you posted. -g

  14. Guest post up!

    Thanks! :) The risk is entirely yours now :P -g

  15. Awesome! You excel yourself.

    Coming from you, that’s something; thanks! :) Waiting for you to update – assuming you do intend to, some time this year! :P -g

  16. it’s interesting how many people have tried to identify themselves in the quiz. sociology has often not stressed on importance of identity in one’s life, but this brings out the importance of taxonomy to an individual’s well being.

    In what sense, the satisfaction of ‘belonging’ to a certain group? Well, I know I’d indulge in these quizzes if they were found under the plate in a restaurant instead, like the Chinese Zodiac :) Hogwash as it is, can’t discount its entertainment factor! -g

  17. “Adventurous, Exotic and Itinerant are your favorite words in the dictionary. And your favorite pastime is browsing the dictionary.”

    ROTFLOL. It would have been funnier if you had written “BUT your favourite pastime” (instead of and) to show the contradiction. Really funny post! Glad I wandered here good stuff!

    Thanks, Navin. I know what you’re saying – actually that’s how I had first drafted it, but then it somehow seemed like explaining/pointing to a joke, if you know what I mean :) Glad you wandered too! -g

  18. ROFL!!@thin guys or thin gal who attracts guys :D
    never though of it quite like that :D

    ;) -g

  19. Farcebook is a pain in the ***
    and yet I still hang in there..ask me why.. I have no clue…the friends have a gala time poking and taking some and I quote ‘awesome ‘ quizzes though :D
    I sadly also took a few *gasp*the horror!
    and then wanted to kill myself when I saw the ‘amazing’ results…
    I am a cool and calm freind who is also likely to be , and I quote again…’a thin guy magnet when I am 60+
    boggled my mind I tell you :D

    LOL. I guess we all hang out there despite the whining and cribbing. ROFL@thin guy magnet at 60+. Now the question is, are you a magnet who attracts thin guys, or a thin magnet who attracts guys? That would boggle anyone’s mind; I don’t blame you ;) -g

  20. Bah!!! maybe ull start liking it when more people “poke” you or throw egg on you in facebook!!! ans BTW what football team are you!!! :P

    Are you saying the more you get poked, the more fun it is? I bet FB tattoos would be a lot ‘funner’, then – to some. Funnier to the rest :-| In case that last line was meant to be a question – I’m not a football team.
    Thanks for stopping by Reva :) -g

  21. I am happy to declare since Farcebook’s new air-everyone’s-quiz-results exhibitionist self, I haven’t taken a quiz! :) Does that make me a bit of a PWNER?!
    Loved the post g! I’m subscribing!

    Haha, it must! And guess who’s going to be happy about it ;) Thanks a ton, Son! -g

  22. LOL! Thanks for giving me the laugh of the day. :-D

    Happy to do so – and welcome here! :) -g

  23. GUEST POST- we are waiting for one from you G!

    Be careful what you ask for, Cyn! I’d be very happy to, thanks! :) -g

  24. this is hilarious! I read it two days ago, but at that time I thought “ok, funny”. I read it again today and got a lot of underlying humor I missed the first time! lol@sette-spud/stud, atlantis-tetris and noitingocerp. LIVID and PWNER, good acronyms!

    actually you make a very good point. did you write the PWNER para purposefully? Its something to think about.

    :)) Glad you liked it; thanks. I’m not sure what you mean by purposefully – I wrote the entire post intentionally of course, but I guess that’s not what you were asking about. The PWNER bit, yes the skepticism stands – I did intend to put that bug in people’s heads, even if they chose to brush the thought off in just a few seconds. Thanks for visiting, Amar. -g

  25. Neo updated his status messages so often in Facebook that now he can’t write (or think) in first person any more.

    Aah, that explains neo‘s blog, then! :-| -g

  26. hehhe i think i love you. ( This is Cyn and for some reason I cannot sign in my name so use the food alter ego. There should be a farcebook quiz on alter ids also?)

    FB quiz on alter ids, now that’s a thought! “You don’t look like a bhajifried; your personality is more like steamed-broccoli with sprinkled oats. -FB.” I’ve added the sausage food link. -g

  27. I must say that I am a bit of all of them. Now when I think of it, I have been giving stupid quizzes of FB which doesn’t make any sense. :|
    p.s. I should live in Paris and I am a true Spanish and should be married to Bipasha! I am so confused! :P

    Why confused? It makes a lot of sense – unless you don’t want to vacation in Yamoussoukro – in which case you must have been Picasso. -g

  28. me no understand maam – me keep away from such places..so faaaar so guut…but then maybe am missing loadsa fun eh?

    You be wise saar, to be away from those places. Missing fun…are you into virtual hamsters (like the one SGD so cruelly rejects)? Would you like to throw a virtual egg on someone’s virtual face? (Your boss doesn’t count, unless she’s your FB buddy too :P) Are you dying to know if you were Einstein or Marylin Monroe in a previous life? If yes to all, it’s a party out there; go sign up! :P -g

  29. Farcebook! Haha. But of course. Fussbook, too, wouldn’t be a bad choice either :-) But anyway, I must confess I am not in the knowledge of any quizzes on Farcebook or Fussbook at all. The only squeeze I am painfully aware of is that of the stout Feesbook of my kid’s school!
    Blogoleptic is a wonderful word. But aren’t you more than that? A fiercely intimidating logogogue perhaps for the lethologica(lly challenged) duds like us! :-D

    Lol. Seriously, it isn’t anything short of Fussbook! Isn’t lethologica-lly challenged a good thing? It’s almost like being… (darn, what’s that word I’m looking for?! :P) And how dare you mention logogogue?! I declare that word be banned from this blog starting now! (Incidentally, wrong as you both are, my toddler might agree with you – he often glares at me and goes “logogogog” :-|) -g

  30. This is so shallow.

    Yes :) -g

  31. HaHaha!!! That was good!
    Urgghhhh…those potted plant or high & mighty sounding CAUSES!!! How hilariously hypocritical I find them to be…
    Once I was sent a ‘sincere’ request to Adopt a Virtual Pet!!!!!!!! :O
    Goodness!! I was supposed to VIRTUALLY feed him, pet him, play with him etc etc!! Grrrr Grrrr Grr!!
    And when I ignored the request, the sender was highly offended! Can you beat that????

    :D Merci! I’m surprised your friend was offended. After all it was in their best interest that the pet didn’t virtually feel neglected, or worse, nothing “happened” to it, virtually :-| -g

  32. ok, ahem! I know I may sounds dense but you intentionally said ‘farcebook’, right?!!
    I haven’t joined facebook (I mean, farcebook) yet, but judging by the personality traits most of the users seem to have from your compilation, I’m glad I didn’t! ;)

    Now why would you ask me if I intentionally said ‘farcebook’? I mean, out of all those 800 odd words you question my intention on just one? Should I have said something else? :O
    Yes, it took me a long time to sign up for Facebook too. (Why are we changing the topic? Where did Facebook come from? :P). But then, again, see what you miss? ;) -g

  33. Oh the FB quizzes, gifts, huggies, teddies etc etc irritate me no end! And the rude me that I seem to have become, I dont accept any of them.
    So tell me …. WTFQPAI ??(The last two stand for Am I)
    tell me, tell me…pl

    Hehe. I think you must be TIGER (The Insensitive Gifts Etc. Rejector :P). How about green causes? Don’t you accept those pretty potted plants so the environment becomes better?! *shock* ;) -g

  34. Ok now I am really confused which of the above I belong to. The only solution is you have to create a farcebook quiz for that and help us find out. LoL at Precogniation and noitingocerp!

    Hey, you’re the pro at this! You should be able to tell even without looking at the quiz questions! -g

  35. har har har ( laughs badly)
    I definitely belong to PWNER group, for one) farcebook does’nt open @ office and two) quizzes like
    ‘Find our how your dark side matches with others’.
    You are the second logoleptic, I know .


    :D That’s when you create a ‘dark’ account where you can take such quizzes ;) Logoleptic sounds nicer than ‘I cleptolog’. (Did I just steal that or make it up? :P) So assuming you know yourself, would you be the first logolept you know? -g

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