Avid puzzler. Foodie. Amateur cryptic-cluer. Time-whiler. Linguist. Dog-lover. Yarn spinner. Kitchen experimenter. Keyboardist. Freelancer. Daydreamer. Habitual whistler. Anagram nut. Not necessarily in that order. Wise to the Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything.


Contact: litterateuse at gmail dot com 


22 responses to “About

  1. You’re missed on twitter. #Justsayin :)

  2. Read all your articles. This kind of wit and masterful use of language are a delightful treat to any reader in this day and age. Your insight and analytical observations of the truth make it wholesome, not just delicious.

    It’s a pity you don’t write as often. This is the kind of writing that would outlive its author and readers.

    Please consider blogging more often.

    Aaron McWhirter

    • Not sure what to say, for I don’t even know how much of it is deserved. Thanks so much for your kind words; your encouragement means a lot. The least I could do is keep writing :) -g

  3. Oh- how- lovely-is-this-blog! Loved it. Shall definitely come back. :)

  4. Nikhil Bhagia

    Just stumbled upon your blog………liked it loads!!! interesting…..witty…….funny!!!
    Gr8 work madame!!!
    hope to enjoy many many more posts!!!

  5. fluent in 6 languages | pwner at @gramana_z cryptics | keyboard player in a leading band | badass wordsmith | kickass sense of humor | awesome cook (most creative kitchen experimenters are) | sweetest person ever |

    Are you real? :)


    PS: Which 6 languages?

  6. …and finally, I find a writer..not only a blogger :-) Keep writing!

  7. Finally, a fellow Indian blogger who knows the answer.

    Too few people I know have heard of the genius that is DA.

  8. rofl, Gau, thanks to my failing memory I couldn’t recall 42 till I saw that wiki link! Awesome title, awesome blog, and while I’m at it, awesome reply to “some body”. :) Ta!

    • What a surprise! And a very nice one, at that :) Thanks, IM – really happy you stopped by. I’ll write to you. -g

  9. I hope you know linguist means somebody who has studied linguistics. Not just someone who can speak 2 or 3 language, which many Indians can.

    That’s an interesting thing to hope for. And here I know people who hope there’s no war or that children don’t die of starvation :-|
    (Aside: I’m itching to make one of those words a plural, but I’ll leave it like that for irony’s sake ;) ) -g

  10. If I tell you something now you wouldn’t believe it. So I’ll say it on a later date.

    You sound very convinced :) But yes, if I live to remember, I shall certainly remind you :P -g

  11. seriously funny writing
    and i just love the title!

    Thanks, Saurabh! -g

  12. Hmm, impressive. Hard to find someone who is all that and a woman. Do you look good too? ;)

    You don’t really look around then, do you – else you’d see ‘all that’ and a lot more :) (Let me not react to the “and a woman” :-| ). Well I do look good and hard before taking compliments at face value – would that count? :-) -g

  13. One of the funniest blog written by a female blogger that I have come across.Seriously.

    That could be construed in many ways ;) Let me just keep it simple and say Thank You :) -g

  14. very, very interesting :)

    Hope to see you often, in that case! Thanks for visiting :) -g

  15. Hi there! Good to know you have a blog! Will be reading it! :)

    Thanks, Nita! And welcome to 42 :) -g

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