Sum, Ergo Blogito

There was a time we had philosophers do our primary chore for us – the burden of thinking freely. What bliss! René Descartes established his existence as a thinker with his statement, “Je pense, donc je suis“, more popular as the Latin phrase Cogito, ergo sum – I think, therefore I am.

How times change! Before, we wouldn’t think freely. Now we think for free! We fancy ourselves as the Descartes or Kierkegaard of our times. Sheer existence seems to be enough qualification to putting down wisdom on paper. Because I have neither wisdom nor paper, I was looking forward to being one unenlightened earthling without a blog. There goes my dream – damn existence!

Add one more common face number to the crowd, Blogworld. What can I do? I exist. I must blog. And with due respect to Monsieur Descartes, here I establish my blog with my statement: Sum, ergo blogito.

PS: I honestly would not have started this blog but for the constant nagging encouragement to write from a dear friend with unlimited patience. Or the persuasion to start blogging by this persistent mad med buddy. Can’t thank you enough – and won’t hesitate to blame you if this sucks ;)

9 responses to “Sum, Ergo Blogito

  1. Aaah so TD discovered this diamond! He is too good!

  2. Really, you should blame TD because this blog sucks! Hehe, jk it’s a very nice blog! TD, you have influence man, you make newbie bloggers famous ;) I can see TD’s influence rubbing on. Lot of people try to copy his style but it’s obvious they’re copying, they can’t write like that! TD is TD, the one and only what say? ;)

    But you’re lucky, you have a great guru! He can just be crazy at times ;)

    Well you seem to be quite the entertainer yourself! I’d be lying if I say your comment didn’t entertain me :) As for the guru, I could convey your regards, but I’m sure he’d be happier to hear it from the horse’s mouth ;) -g

  3. Excuse me…my Latin is horrible. Still, with some honest effort, I could somehow make out that this post is on Descartes, the famous football player, whose dreams of making it big in the World Cup crashed because some ergo planted a profound kick on his unprotected blogito. Monsieur Descartes was probably not wearing his Kicker-guard at that time.
    Well…..I could be wrong…….

    Lol. Can’t argue with you on the Latin bit ;) But your imagination does make up for it :) -g

  4. Oh, G!

    Where has this blog been all this time? Inside your head, and I’ve missed it.

    Excellent! Keep going. I can’t wait to see what else is coming.


    Aps! :) What a sweet thing to say! But then, that’s just you. Thanks, girl! :) -g

  5. Brilliant Title! Welcome to blogging!

    Thank you, Dinesh :) -g

  6. Welcome to blogging… you have been encouraged by the right person uber blogger TDNA..
    Expectations are high !!! :D

    *Ouch*! Higher the expectations, lower the disappointment – it’s all in the mind (I hope I weaseled my way out right ;) ) But TD, yes, we all have high expectations from him. And he never disappoints ;-D
    Thanks for visiting, Vijay :) -g

  7. “And the first ball sails high, high, into the crowds….
    It’s a SEX SIX!
    What a start to what looks like a start to a great start!”
    On this Sunday morning, the 18th of January, this is your favorite commentator Medly Humerus, along with my colleague, Pagla Gayaram, and this program is brought to you by A Twist of Word and Mind!

    (That’s static, before you set any expectations :P)
    And thank you :) -g

  8. Sum, Ergo Commento.
    Glad you decided to start a blog. Keep blogging!

    Thanks, nda! For being there :) -g

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