Here I am, barely done setting up a blog, trying to figure out who this starving political party nationalist organization is, and why it needs to feed on my blog of all places; playing with some html – which was nothing but Hotmail without vowels before – trying to tell a widget from a gadget, and what happens? They throw one more thing at me to figure out. I get tagged. Well if anything, I realize that gadget is more like tagged than it is like widget. At least to those who are biased towards anagrams rather than rhymes.

So the tag, yes. They call it an award. A bit of a shuffle, and it could well be ‘a draw‘; a lucky one at that. But what it really is, is a gift. A nice gesture by a very nice person, in wicked humor. And it has achieved exactly what it set out to do – encourage a newbie, kindergarten blogger, and make her squirm with embarrassment. And to add salt to the embarrassment (don’t you just love blogetic license!), it has to be displayed. Right here. So I’ll be a sport, swallow the embarrassment – the salt wasn’t in vain, then – do my Oscar speech and move on.


I would like to thank Mom, Dad, the dog, the neighbors, their little brat, my maternal uncle’s best friend’s sister-in-law, and her third cousin. I love you all! Well, maybe not the brat so much. And a bunch of smart writers – mostly whacky – with nifty blogs, who don’t just help me unwind; they actually show up here, comment and make my day! And, since there can never be a speech without a last but not the least, last but not the least – Mother Teresa and World Peace.

Alright, that last bit makes no sense to me either. But it has to be mentioned if you want to be cool. And I must want to be cool. Else I’d be uncool, which is not a very cool thing to be. Or so I’m made to believe.

Now that the frivolities are done with, I’d like to quickly pass this on to (opens envelope):

Aparna: The very first blog I started following; a quiet inspiration to many a mommy blog in the sphere, directly or indirectly. Love her simple, succinct writing style and her attitude towards everything in life :) Keep being you, Aps!

Rads, thanks again! And I mean it in a good way :-D

For anyone who cares to know – the title is the final mo of eenie-meenie-mynie-mo, that landed the tag here :-|

9 responses to “Mo!

  1. What, no “OMG OMG OMG” followed by hyperventilation ? Its almost as if you’re not happy to get the award.. :-P

    Hey, I can manage only two of OMG OMG, hyperventilation and high heels at a time. What do you mean I’m not happy – I would never thank the neighbor’s brat unless I was ecstatic – or devastated. (Oh, I see your point :P) – g

  2. Great speech! Global warming, as doc says, and womens rights.

    Absolutely. Say women’s rights at the top of your voice enough times, women’s wrongs will be put in perspective ;) -g

  3. Congratulations on the award and very fun way of accepting it. Quite cool it was (That’s what you want to be right?) :)

    Hehe, thank you. Uh…yeah I guess…I think that’s what I must have to want to be. Or do I? :) -g

  4. Ha..ha. I am also a newbie and gave such a speech a week ago.

    Congratulations! So did you finally find out a widget from a gadget?

    blogrolled you.

    Hehe, nice! :) Widget-gadget….getting there ;) Thanks for blogrolling, Solilo! -g

  5. LOL, Nice speech, G! Did you remember to hug and kiss everyone on the way to the computer?

    Quickly pass on, ey? Thanks!

    My other name is Myna. So I must be the “Mynie” in your eenie-meenie-mynie-mo then.


    LOL, did too….and then that darned heel twisted my ankle @!$!@#. You’re most welcome :) -g

  6. yes, No.
    *grumbling* No one believes me anymore :(

    I do! Any mo than you did :-D -g

  7. So you are getting into the blogging game quite early eh! Congratulations and many more to you! :)

    Apparently having pros for friends has more to it than I imagined! Thanks, Nita :) -g

  8. Your acceptance speech is in line with the Oscars. Fledgling my foot, you’ll do just fine out here :-)

    ..and no, I didn’t do eeniewhatevermo. :|

    No? :-D -g

  9. Hitting it big when still young, eh, Litterateuse?
    You should have included Global Warming in your speech. Nothing is complete without mention of a little inconvenient untruths!

    Haha, missed that one! But come to think of it, I’d rather be taken for some arbitrary bimbo than Dubbya. The bimbo doesn’t pick her nose in public ;) -g

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